Jacques Pouyaud


Jacques Pouyaud is a senior lecturer in occupational and vocational psychology at the University of Bordeaux and a member of the laboratory of psychology Health and Quality of Life (EA 4139). He is also an associate member of the laboratory of vocational psychology (EA 4132, Research Center on Work and Development, CNAM). He is member of the governing board of the UNESCO chair Lifelong Guidance and Counseling, and the ESVDC association.
He received his PhD in 2008, on the topic of transitions, self-construction, and vocational development. The main themes of his research are the processes of self-construction throughout the life course and psychosocial transitions, as well as the construction of vocational identity through activity. He is also studying counseling processes and developing practical applications for counselors.

E-mail: jacques.pouyaud@u-bordeaux.fr